As long ago as 1980 Steve's moulding and casting ability was stretched to the limit when asked to produce three full size Ford Anglia Cars for a TV commercial - in just two weeks. The Panama Cigars Advert, 'Carlos Fandango Wheels' became a success from day one and can still be found on YouTube today. Steve's job satisfaction was sky high, and so, Creative Model making was established. 

We have a wealth of model making experience under our belts, and most of our jobs are individual commissions. We make models for Advertising Agencies, Commercial Photographers, Exhibition & TV Set Designers and Contractors, TV Production Buyers, and Design Consultants. 
The images shown are: 
The Ironbridge Heart, made for Advantage West Midlands for a Poster campaign 
The Pound coins in an Hour Glass were made for Coventry Building Society 
The Church Bells were made for a production of the "Good Guys" for Havahall Productions 
Phone handset with Spitfire Pilots helmet was made for a poster shoot 
The fizzing cars were made for VW Insurance Group 
Two GRP Croc's were made for Kieth Floyd TV Chef 
"Carlos Fandango" and his super wide wheels was made for a TV commercial 
Pound Coins: Coventry Building Society  
GRP Church Bells : TV Drama 
Phone Handset head: Poster 
"Carlos Fandango" Panama Cigars: TV Commercial 
Life size Crocs: Keith Floyd 
Fizzing Cars: VW Group 
Biog for Steve Watts: 
Steve was born in Solihull, England, the middle child of a family of five. 
After leaving school in the Seventies, Steve trained as a Carpenter/ Boat Builder, for a small firm in Solihull, which is about as far from the sea as you can get. 
After a few years working in the Mould and Pattern Making side of the boat trade Steve became self employed as a boat builder. Soon after he was approached by a model maker in Coventry to build three full size Ford Anglia car bodies for a TV Commercial , this sparked the start of Creative Modelmaking. 
For the last 35 years Steve has had a small workshop where he builds props, models, and displays for Advertising Agencies, Exhibition contractors, Film Companies, & Television Productions 
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